Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.

— Izaak Walton
Delicate Swallowtail Butterfly

Hello, and welcome to my gardening blog! I’ve been working on my current garden for over twenty years. I got the idea of writing a blog as a way to share my love and enthusiasm for cultivating plants. My garden truly is my happy place, and I hope to inspire more people to get out into in their own little bit of nature. If more people focus on planting native plants and providing food and shelter for local fauna, perhaps we can start to reverse some consequences of the environmental damage that has already been done. Of course, fixing all ills humanity has done to the Earth is not an achievable goal for individual gardeners, but raising awareness and providing the tools for nature to help heal itself,  we all are capable of that.

Nature really can repair the damage we have done, it’s been documented that plants can clean the air, filter polluted soil, clean our waterways and thrive. Nature is a balm to the crazy speed of todays world, a mediation if you will. My hope is that my musing will encourage you to get out into your garden whether to do actual garden work or just stop a moment and gaze at the clouds, feel the breeze, hear the birds, taste the sweet mint and for goodness sakes smell the roses. There is no wrong garden design it’s your self expression, your sense of whimsy. You can create a colorful magical paradise for you and all sorts of beneficial creatures that call your backyard home. Go outside, play, take pictures, get a little dirt on your hands and have some fun. Get to the root of the matter and become your own Backyard Garden Cheerleader.

Monarda ‘Marshal’s Delight’, Filipendula rubra ‘Queen of the Praire’

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