Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.

A. A. Milne
Various photos of my garden

My interest in gardening first bloomed when my husband and I moved to the Boston area in the early 90s. We rented the top floor of a run-down two-family house. Every day after work, I would clean and weed the front garden, which was approximately the size of a postage stamp. I dreamed of one day transforming that tiny space from a tired plot of dirt, overgrown with evergreens and years of trash into an actual living garden. As my plans gradually became a reality, I spent every spare moment out in my garden. That tiny little garden became my sanctuary, a place where I could unwind and devote my time to making things grow.

Dublin Bay Climbing Rose

Eventually, we moved into a lovely Victorian house in the suburbs with a good sized garden where I’ve been working for over twenty years. I started out deeply interested in English style gardens and roses, a lofty dream from my days of cramped urban gardening. Now that I actually had the space to do so, it seemed like I could make that dream come true, but I ended up running into an unforeseen side effect. While roses are certainly beautiful, the heavy amounts of fertilizer, pesticides and huge amounts of time they required clashed with my desire for a more natural simpler garden. I have always strived to be a natural gardener without the use of artificial products. I love my roses, but my garden has since evolved to contain more native plants that are easy on the soil and attractive (perhaps a little too attractive) to the local fauna.

Throughout the years, I have taken countless gardening classes. A few years ago I obtained my Master Gardener certification. I have worked for a leading Lexington based garden designer for several years and was the chair of Hastings Elementary School Beautification Committee for eight years. I have been journaling for years and thought it would be fun to share my gardening joys and woes with my fellow gardeners. When I am not in my garden I can be found practicing yoga, trying new recipes, volunteering and cuddling with my cute fury friends but mostly if you can’t find me, I’m in the garden.

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